We are a small web design firm passionate about the web, business, computers and the world that revolves around them.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to help businesses and organizations develop, maintain, and expand their presence on the web while gaining insight on who their customers are and what they want. We are successful when our clients are satisfied and understand how to use the web to work for them.


  • Web Development +

    Your website is usually the first impression, make it a good one. We design only responsive websites, adapting to both mobile and desktop visitors.
  • Email and Domains +

    Claim your domain space before someone else takes it. Domains are inexpensive and don't require a website. Stand out with your emails sent from
  • Hosting +

    Simplify your life and let us manage hosting. If your website goes down, we'll take care of it. No fees. No hassle. No outsourced customer support.
  • SEO & Analytics +

    Insight about your website performance and visitors can be gained from the statistics generated by Google and Social Media.
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  • Marketing +

    There are many different methods to advertise on the internet. Develop a plan that fits your needs using newsletters, SMS, Google Adsense, social media, and blogs.
  • Online Services Setup +

    The web offers hundreds of quality services to support your business. Need to get everyone organized and on the same page? Sick of always sending out invoices? Automatic Backup?
  • Social Media +

    Get help setting off on the right foot with Social Media.
  • Translation +

    Translations are offered for English, German, Russian, and Spanish.
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  • Custom Computers +

    A computer is not a one size fits all purchase. Get a machine that fits your needs without all the junk software that bogs down major manufacturer computers.
  • Installation +

    Something won't work right with the computer? Losing hair over the wireless network. I can help with that.
  • Back-up +

    There is nothing worse than a hard drive failing and not having a back-up. Stop living so risky and back up your files.
  • Instruction +

    Ready to start using the computer and internet more efficiently?
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