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Web Development

Books aren't judged by their covers, but websites are judged by users in a matter of seconds. How does your website compare to others?

Google Places

Have your business stand out in google maps, interact with customers, and get statistics about the people who search you.


A good website isn't only designed to be easy to use for people, but also for search engines. What makes search engines happy.


Learn about the people who are visiting your site. How many people look at your website a month?

Social Media

Yes, it's all the rage. Social media can be used for organizing events, spreading news, and getting 'likes' but it's more than that, it's about creating a communitee.

Custom Computers

Computers only need five parts and a monitor to run. Find out how much computer you really need and what form factor is right for you.


Translations to Russian, German, and Spanish are available for Joomla installs.


Business Services

Today, every business needs to have a presence on the web. Almost everyone uses the web to find what they are looking for. The more web elements that are embraced the more a business can interact and learn about their customers. A few key web elements:

  • Responsive Website
  • Presence on Social Media and Industry Directories.
  • Understanding Social Media and Google Analytics

Home Services

Residents in the Northern Milwaukee through Sheboygan area can take advantage of in-home computer services offered at competitive prices.

  • Computer Set-Up and Repairs
  • Wireless Network Set-Up
  • Back-Up

Web Presence

Online is where most customers will get their first impression of your business. Establish a quality online presence in a variety of ways including a website, social media profiles, and google places if you have a physical location.

Responsive Websites

Today the web is viewed on a multitude of different devices. A responsive website adapts to the screen it is being viewed on, whether a computer or a cell phone. Try adjusting the window width on a website to see if it's responsive.


Our websites are designed on the Joomla CMS. Joomla is an open source platform that offers expandabilty and ease of use.

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I look forward to helping you use technology and the web to its fullest potential. Send an email if your interested in learning more about the services offered.

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